Blanket Scarves

posted on: Saturday, January 3, 2015


Recently it seems that the obsession with blanket scarves has hit an all time high in the blogosphere. I have always had a love for scarves and have had this blog for a few years now, so I thought I would scroll through some of my old posts and share how I have worn a few blanket scarves over the years. Going through my outfit posts also made me realized that there are a couple scarves that I still really like but have been neglecting. As you can see the scarves that wear the most are my two Wilfred scarves. These two are ridiculously gigantic and so cozy. 

Are you loving blanket scarves as much as I am?

xo Ashley

From left to right
Wilfred Mixed Stripes Blanket scarf, Forever 21 scarf, Wilfred Diamond Mosaic scarf, Joe Fresh double sided plaid scarf, Aldo scarf, Wilfred Mixed Stripes, Wilfred Mixed Stripes, Gap plaid scarf, and Wilfred Diamond Mosaic


  1. I love the look so much, but unfortunately I'm in summer at the moment! I can't wait for winter to roll around, as I never got a chance to try this trend out for myself.

  2. I'm super obsessed with my Wilfred blanket scarf (I have the same geometric print one as you). Sooooo good.

  3. Yes, I'm in love with my blanket scarf!! It's just so cosy!

  4. These all look great on you! Yeah, this is a trend that I'm totally loving- especially ones with a good plaid print. My cousin was wearing one on Christmas and she called it a "blarf". Thought that was so funny, lol :)

  5. There is really nothing better than a giant cozy scarf. One of my favourite fall-winter accessories too.

  6. SO obsessed. I honestly don't feel comfortable venturing outside without one.