Rimmel | Lip Liner in Eastend Snob

posted on: Friday, December 5, 2014

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I love finding new lip product combinations. Lately I've been loving Rimmel lip liners, and especially loving the liner in the colour Eastend Snob. Eastend Snob is a mauve pink colour and has a matte finish. One of the combinations that I have been loving with this lip liner is using it with the NYX lipstick in Thalia. The combination gives a nice pinkish-nude colour. I cannot remember where/when I first came across the Rimmel liner in Eastend Snob, but lately I have been seeing it pop up on quite a few blogs, so I thought I would chime in with one of the ways I've been using it. 

Do you use lip liners? What are your favourite lip liners and lip product combinations?

xo Ashley


  1. What a perfect nude pink- they work so well as a combo! Very pretty on you :)

  2. This is such a perfect match! I'm in love with this lip liner and usually pair it with Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in 104.


  3. Lip liner is something I almost never use, but I love how this match looks! May have to give it a try.

  4. This looks like a winning combination! I'm really liking the NYX Lipstick too. Might have to pick that one up next :)

    Tweezers and Tongs

  5. That lip liner looks awesome! At the moment I'm loving Pillow Talk from Charlotte Tilbury. Mac Subculture is also a favourite of mine, and recently I got one from Kiko, a more brown toned nude one, that looks very promising!

  6. I've been hearing really great things about that Rimmel lipliner shade! I was very tempted to pick it up - but resisted. I rarely wear lip liners! Though they have been gaining a lot of popularity lately!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  7. This is a beautiful shade!!