Sigma Brushes Via Obsessed Look

posted on: Thursday, July 17, 2014


When Obsessed Look contacting me asking if I would like to test out a couple Sigma makeup brushes I jumped at the chance! I've seen Sigma brushes all over the blogosphere and I've been wanting the check them out. I decided to go with the E55 Eye Shading Brush and the E40 Tapered Blending Brush.  I picked these two brushes because I have been wanting to add a fluffy blending brush and a medium sized shading brush to my brush collection for a while now. here is what I think of these two brushes…

E55 Eye Shading Brush*
I really love this brush! I think it picks up the perfect amount of pigment, and it's really soft. Sigma describes this brush as having soft and dense bristles and a slightly square shape with rounded edges. This is what makes it perfect for applying an all over base colour to the lid.

E40 Tapered Blending Brush*
So, I have also fallen in love with this brush. This bush is also very soft and has a fluffy rounded end. I have been using this exclusively to blend out eyeshadows in the crease, which I think this brush is perfect for.

So overall I love both of these brushes and think the quality is great. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a shader brush or a blending brush. If you are looking for Sigma brushes in Canada, check out Obsessed Look! They are a little more expensive compared to the Sigma website, but all orders on Obsessed Look have free shipping within Canada, so that is a huge bonus.

Have you used Sigma Brushes? Which ones are on your wish list?

xo Ashley


  1. Great Review Ashely!! The E40 you got look really great!! I also love how Obsessed Look offer free shipping within Canada, that a amazing so that we can save on shipping if we want to orders other sigma brushes ^^ I really hope to try the F80 - Flat Kabuki bursh too, I heard so many good review on that brush. Have a good weekend Ashely, talk to you soon :)

  2. Oooh, nice picks! Glad you're loving them- they both look ultra handy! Obsessed Look sent me the E25 and E30 brushes and they've become daily staples :)

  3. I'm really happy I decided to go with the E40. I'd like to try out some of their Kabuki brushes too!

  4. I was looking at the E25 And E30, but I have the MAC 217 and the 219, and I thought they'd probably be really similar.

  5. I really need a new blending brush. I may give this tapered one a try.
    Great post!