Looking Back at 2013

posted on: Friday, January 3, 2014

Last  year I didn't get around to posting a yearly recap, but this year I really wanted to do a post looking back on my year. So here are some of the memories that stood out to me from 2013.

Last January we rang in the new year with good friends at a panama party. JP and I also got to finally test out the lake in the community we moved into.  In February JP and I celebrated two years of marriage. We also saw Muse in concert, which was a pretty amazing show. 

In March I wrapped up my second semester of graduate school, attended the Holt Renfrew Spring Trends Preview by Lisa Tant, and helped out backstage at ParkShow. When I am in the midst of school and non-stop studying, the best part of attending events is seeing and catching up with friends. What I remember about the Holts event was the massive amount of snow that day. KD and I were extremely late for the event because my car got stuck in the middle of the road. I was going to give up and abandon my car but this man showed up out of nowhere and pushed my car backwards ALL the way down KD's street. In April I attended the Mercedes Benz Start Up Calgary show where top Alberta designers competed to win a spot showcasing their designs at Toronto fashion week.

Spring Trends event at Holts with Linda, Karolina, KD, and Kim
models on the runway at Mercedes Benz Start Up
JP started officially playing hockey in May and I had a lot of fun watching his games throughout the spring and summer. In June Calgary and the surrounding area experienced massive flooding. It was devastating for the city and surrounding towns but really showed the spirit of Calgarians. Daily there were stories of fellow Calgarians helping out their neighbours and although it was a hard time for many people it was also inspiring to see so many good people in action.  

Photo via The Calgary Herald
July I took three week intensive summer classes as part of my masters program. For me it was the toughest part of the year and I could not wait for a break. Folkfest was the perfect way to celebrate finishing summer classes and my first year of graduate school. Thievery Corporation was playing Folkfest and JP and I were so excited to see them! We met up with some friends and drove downtown together, then walked through the East Village on our way to Prince's Island Park.

In August I ran the Sea Wheeze half marathon in Vancouver. It was my second half-marathon and I absolutely loved it! My husband surprised me by running the race with me even though he had not trained at all. He is such an incredible person and I still cannot believe that he did this for me. 

September was definitely the highlight of the year. JP and I took a trip to Aruba and it was absolutely amazing. We swam everyday, went on a snorkelling trip where we explored two ship wrecks, rented a car and drove to both ends of the island to see Baby Beach and the California Lighthouse. September was also my birthday and for JP and I it marked 10 years together.

October /November 
In October I started my second year of graduate school and in November myself and some fellow local bloggers started a group called the House of Bloggers. Along with local designers and retailers we hosted our first event for the benefit of Kids Cancer Care. November was also the one year anniversary of owning our first house, which JP and I absolutely adore. 

Near the end of November JP and I had some good friends, Colly and Stew, from Australia stay at our house. They stayed a couple weeks into December and it was such a good month of spending lots of time with friends. I got Colly hooked on Pretty Little Liars and we spend an entire sick day on the couch together watching episode after episode on Netflix.  

2013 was an amazing year. I wanted to thank everyone that has been following a long with my blog and wish everyone the best for 2014!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing year! I can't believe you saw Muse live - must have been amazing! Also congrats on your two year anniversary and the half marathon! You're doing great things lady! I hope that 2014 will be an equally eventful and hopefully very happy year!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing year! Love all the photos :)

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca