Vancouver SeaWheeze 2013

posted on: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I thought I would do a quick post about the SeaWheeze half-marathon. JP and I drove out to Vancouver a couple days before the race. I had been to Vancouver twice before, but had only been there by plane, so it was a bit of an adventure driving there and seeing the scenery along the way. The neat thing about the SeaWheeze was there were a lot of other events surrounding the run including lots of yoga and a concert to end the event.

Running the SeaWheeze half-marathon was an unforgettable experience. I just love the feeling of running with so many other people who have the same goal yet the activity is individual. It's thrilling and exhilarating. It's so easy to get caught up in the energy of the crowd and to push though any pain or negative thoughts and keep running. It's very motivational. Everyone who is running is encouraging you to keep going and there are cheering teams along the way blasting music, dressed up in costumes telling you not to quit. 

Running through downtown Vancouver and around Stanley park was absolutely stunning. The race course was beautiful and I would definitely run the Sea Wheeze again. I am hoping that I will get the chance to sign up for next year. 

Last four photos via the SeaWheeze Facebook Page


  1. This looks like an amazing experience!! What gorgeous shots, congrats, that's impressive :)

  2. How fun!!! I can't wait to run a half marathon. I keep saying I'm going to but won't get off my lazy ass. I'm going to before I'm thirty though. I will do it!

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    Karla @

  3. Wow!! Your photos and the ones from the event page are incredible. I am no where near the point of being able to run a half marathon, but from the races I have done, it's that positive energy that is so addicting about races.

    xoxo Jackie

  4. Great photos! <3 Looks like a fun experience and I really like those wooden medals.

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid