Cream to Purple

posted on: Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to my brothers convocation. This skirt actually used to be a nice light cream colour. It ended up with stain on it and I couldn't get it out so I decided to try dying it. It was a complete gamble dying the skirt because it's silk, but I decided to try it anyway. I picked black dye and this is how it turned out. I'm not really sure why it turned purple but I'm happy with the end result. The dye didn't take to the lining and the stitching so they actually are still a cream colour with a hint of pink now, which I also kind of like. You can check out some before photos of the skirt here.

Outfit Details
polkadot blouse c/o Zara
T. Babaton skirt via Aritzia
American Eagle jean jacket (similar here)
Coach Willis Bag
Steve Madden flats
Necklace via The Bay


  1. I love the way it turned out!!! It looks so great dark purple. And it's perfect with that polka dot blouse and denim jacket :)

  2. The dying turned out so well! I actually really like the purple colour it ended up as!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. love your outfit! and your hair! :)

  4. This outfit is so classy and cozy looking! Love the necklace.

  5. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. I love that it turned purple! unexpected but looks good :)

  7. oh my gosh I would love to try a diy together sometime!!