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posted on: Saturday, July 2, 2011

On June 5th myself and a few of my fellow Calgary bloggers had a photo shoot for Fashionsign Magazine. At first I was so nervous, but everyone who was working on the shoot was fantastic, and made me feel so comfortable. Here are some behind the scenes photos, excerpts from the Fashionsigns blog, and a video! 
What started out as a rather gray day in Calgary was quickly brightened up by the eclectic style of four of the city’s young fashion and design bloggers. Maybe not bright, but certainly early, the Fashionsign team assembled slightly bleary-eyed and fully-caffeinated. 

Shortly after we had arranged our equipment and selected some vintage-inspired props, design student and Born Electric blogger Susanne arrived to showcase her personal style for Fashionsign. Sporting some bed-head hair to match her rock-infused wardrobe, Susanne whipped through her five outfit choices, her photos belying whatever sense of camera-anxiety she expressed.

Following a lengthy lunch – and some quick wardrobe changes of our own – the weather decided to cooperate. Flying a Kite blogger Amy, and her cute summer wear, perfectly complimented our sunny outdoor set (who needs a studio?).  As our photographers, Jess and Kaitlyn continually arranged both our models and our props the day progressed into a perfectly breezy summer afternoon (wind machine need not apply).

KD and Ashley of The Girl with the Messy Hair and Lions Lace Lattes respectively, rounded off the afternoon, and our down-time conversations ranged from Forever21 to the changing demographics of the city. Weather-wise it was a welcome reprieve from an otherwise rainy week, making the shoot an overall picture-perfect day – pun intended.

After the shoot KD, Dee, and I headed out to celebrate at Earls. I still can't believe all the amazing people I've met and the opportunities that are coming to me through blogging. Thank you again everyone at Fashionsign, and thank you KD and Dee for all your support during the shoot! 

Photos courtesy of Fasionsign Magazine and The Girl With the Messy Hair
Special thanks to Town Shoes and Anne B. Accessories


  1. So cool you got to take part in a photoshoot for a magazine! Super happy for you <3 xo

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  3. Can't wait for September already and see the final product!!!!

  4. wow this looks so much fun! i love those candid shots!

    Great blog too!

  5. Looks like such a fun and productive day!


  6. How was the experience.. Looks like it was fun.. Hmm those cocktails looks delicious..

    All the best, Angel

  7. Aww... that is so wonderful! What an amazing experience!! xo

  8. Holy Cow! You are famous ASH! That is truly amazing! You look fantastic and seem like you are having a blast! WOW!

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