Glass Walls

posted on: Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today has been a really relaxing Sunday. JP and I slept in, had blueberry pancakes and Bailey's and coffee, then he headed to band practice and I went shopping. I picked up a maxi dress, two cute t-shirts (one with little anchors, one with sequins), and a super soft hoodie for JP. 

The weather here in Calgary has been so random. For a few days it looked like spring had arrived. It was warming up and all the snow was finally melting, then yesterday it snowed 25 cm!!! Today it's gorgeous again, and the snow is melting quickly. I really hope that was the last snow storm until next winter. All I want to do is break out all of my sandals and start wearing bare legs again. 

I wore this outfit to work a couple of weeks ago. S and I were on our way to City Hall for our lunch break and we decided to take a few outfit shots. It was still pretty cold out that day so we decided to take photos inside. Luckily City Hall has this little spot that is all glass windows and lets in a lot of natural light. 
(dress - Gap, sweater - Joe Fresh, tights - Hue via The Bay, belt - J. Crew
 boots - thrifted, purse - Dooney and Bourke)

Photos by S


  1. I can't believe it's still cold up there! Blueberry pancakes sound delicious.

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  2. Love the striped sweater! So cute! And the weather has been the same on the east coast... spring like weather, random snowstorm on friday, and now it's quickly melting away... hoping SO much that no more snow will fall until next winter!!

  3. Ohh sounds like you had a good shopping trip! I love the striped sweater, I am such a sucker for stripes.
    I am quite over this winter we've had too.

  4. Fabulous Collection. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog & wanted to say that I have really enjoyed visiting your blog posts.I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!!

  5. Right back at ya, on the random weather bit. Vancouver's been the same, one minute it's warm & then it's back to freezing. It's comforting to know I'm not alone. ;-) And I'm loving both your outfit & pictures, absolutely lovely. Hope your having a great start to your week. xx veronika

  6. I love your hair :) stripes are always a perfect option when you want to look sophisticated and casual at the same time! funny how a print can have that sort of appeal :D

  7. Hooray for stripes! They're one of my favorites. I'm glad your Sunday was relaxing because mine was anything but! Good to know there are still some lucky folks around that get to have a calm one. (: