Sunset & Snow

posted on: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JP has gone to the hockey game tonight and I'm at home, making tea, eating chocolate, watching Pretty Little Liars, and blogging. All my favourites things. 

The weather has been so gorgeous the last couple of days, it fees like spring is right around the corner! These photos were taken right when JP and I got back from Mexico. We were greeted with -25 Celsius temperatures. A nasty shock when you are just getting used to +25 and up. Hopefully the weather will stay this way. I'm looking forward to breaking out all of my spring/summer clothes. 
Over the weekend myself and fellow Calgary bloggers, Danielle, Amy, KD, and Natalia met up for drinks downtown then attended PARKshow, an art exhibit and fashion show featuring new up and coming local talents. I think my favourite thing about starting this blog is that I have had the chance to meet some really amazing people that I might not have met otherwise. 
(faux leather leggings - Wilfred, jacket - T. Babaton, sweater - RW & Co.,
 hat - American Eagle, boots - Chinese Laundry)

Photos by JP


  1. Love the hat!!!! adore the photos!!!!

  2. Love the photos! :) Pretty Little Liars is back up??! Ahh, I forgot all about it. I'm glad I started my blog too - such a great opportunity!!

    Keep smiling!

  3. Yeah, opportunities to meet new wonderful people are always really attractive.
    Love your hat so much!

  4. I love the feel of these shots, the light is amazing! x

  5. Gorgeous light in these pictures and that hat is too cute!! I'm so looking forward to spring also, the weather keeps fluctuating here so it's teasing us a little bit with really beautiful weather and then back to cold and yucky.

  6. Great shots Ashley! Hope you're loving your new camera :)


  7. i love your hat- you look so adorable! it would be a nasty surprise after getting used to such warm temps to go back to freezing cold ones. i also can't wait for spring. <3

  8. I adore your hat Ashley! It's precious and perfect for the temperamental Calgarian weather.

    I think I was at home eating chocolate, and drinking tea at the same time. Next time, phone me, let's have tea and chocolate together.

    You're a beautiful girl full of cheekiness and wit. I am so happy that we met, and I can't wait for future outings! love love love*

    love amy ^.^